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Sonic Labyrinth #1: Jeff Parker + Smile Lines

  • MorYork 959 York Boulevard Los Angeles, CA United States (map)

8:00 - Jeff Parker (solo)
9:00 - Smile Lines (Greg Saunier and Rozie Jordan)

$10 cover
All Ages

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Jeff Parker (b. Bridgeport, Connecticut USA, 4/4/67) is recognized as one of contemporary music’s most versatile and innovative electric guitarists and composers. With a prolific output characterized by musical ideas of angularity and logic, he works in a wide variety of mediums - from pop, rock and jazz to new music - using ideas informed by innovations and trends in both popular and experimental forms. He creates works that explore and exploit the contrary relationships between tradition and technology, improvisation and composition, and the familiar and the abstract. His sonic palette may employ techniques from sample-based technologies, analog and digital synthesis, and conventional and extended techniques from over 40 years of playing the guitar.

He is a longtime member of the influential indie band Tortoise, and also a founding member of the critically acclaimed and innovative groups Isotope 217˚ and Chicago Underground, and has been an associate member of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) since 1995. As a sideman and collaborator, he has appeared on over 140 commercial recordings. Currently, he has been focusing on music production, small ensembles and solo performance – to cultivate and establish an idiosyncratic relationship between electronic and acoustic compositional properties in music.

Smile Lines
A new duo of Greg Saunier (Deerhoof) on drums and Rozie Jordan on vocals. 



Sonic Labyrinth is a new monthly summer music series presented by Angel City Jazz Festival at MorYork Gallery in Highland Park. To say MorYork is a unique space is a great understatement. At first it was a supermarket, then it became a roller rink, and now it is the gallery/collection of artist Clare Graham and his partner, Bob Breen. I think New York Times captured the spirit of this space well in an article called ‘Always Room for One More’ from 2013, “At first, a visitor to MorYork doesn’t know where to look. At the row of Indonesian teak display cases filled with Chinese pottery and curios? The tray of prosthetic eyeballs in another case? The collection of early-20th-century carnival knockdown dolls? The fuel tanks from a World War II-era plane that hang from the exposed-beam ceiling? The Dr Pepper vending machine the couple hauled back from the Rose Bowl, a rusted-out, bullet-holed, strangely gorgeous carcass of modern America? Mixed among these oddities and antiques are Mr. Graham’s artworks: skyscrapers made out of Scrabble tiles; screens fashioned from vintage yardsticks and crushed soda cans; a wood-frame cabinet sheathed, to stunning effect, in precisely cut squares from paint-by-number paintings.”

It’s this eclecticism, layering of old and new, and recycling and reimagining of materials and objects that makes MorYork the perfect venue for a series that falls under the umbrella of jazz, an art form that is one of the greatest musical manifestations of recycling and reimagining materials in new and amazing ways. Although some of the music one might hear at ‘Sonic Labyrinth’ might not sound like what some think of jazz, it’s the spirit of improvisation, invention, and experimentation that inspires all of the music you’ll hear on these 3 summer nights. The series will feature some of the greatest musical minds of LA and Southern California such as Jeff Parker (Tortoise), Vinny Golia,  Gregory Saunier (Deerhoof) with Rozie Jordan, Artyom Manukyan, Ben Boye (Ty Segall), and San Diego’s, Steph Richards.